Floods leave behind a situation that we have not been accustomed to and it is a great challenge to return the land to its original state. To restore your garden and yard to its original state, you need to be patient and learn a few things that are necessary to overcome this challenge.

First things first – you need to check your home and your plumbing because flood may damage your pipes. Look for professionals who could help you with damaged pipes, especially you’re your heating system. Here you can look for boiler repairs in Escondido, a plumber should also check your pipes in your home and your yard.

Drying and nutrients

When the water is withdrawn, do not rush and give the land the opportunity to dry out. This may take several weeks, and the most important thing is that you will not hurry anywhere, because even walking on the rugged ground can cause even more damage to the soil. When the soil is dried, clean all the fertilizers that the water has inflicted and assess the damage.

Floods relate to soil nutrients, which additionally degrades the soil. If you feed the land with the proper fertilizer, you will return it to the necessary nutrients. Thus, the grass will recover.

Mud and ventilation

Flood water carries with it sediments that enter the land themselves. When the water stops moving, these sediments begin to spread very unpleasant smells. If the level of sludge in your garden is less than two centimeters, you can pick it up with the shovel. If the sludge is too thick and overwhelms all the grass you have in the yard, it may be time to form a new lawn.

Root grass needs air. It can survive several days of flooding, but the ground underwater can lose its natural relief. Such changes do not allow the air to penetrate the roots. If this is the case with your land, you must ventilate the land with the appropriate machine, then plant new plants.

If your grass is dead, it’s time to re-plant it. Use the fertilizer feed to help grass grow faster. When the new grass begins to grow, after the first mowing, you have to fertilize again.

Pesticides and insecticides

In addition to the ruined land, the floods bring additional problems. Mosquitoes, red ants, mice, and rats. Mosquitoes reproduce in a calm, standing water. You can alleviate their reproduction by destroying everything that contains such water: children’s toys, swings, even cans or food packs for your pets contain sufficient amount of water that is needed for mosquitoes.

On the other hand, pests like red ants come to the surface of the land with floods. During the flood, you can notice the entire nest of red ants, until they reach dry ground, and that’s why you can notice that nest even after the flood. Get the proper product for controlling red ants.