Whenever we are talking to clients and we say about the best way to mow a lawn, they all start to smile and laugh because they think we are joking, when in fact it is actually a real thing that will help you maintain a beautiful lawn. Everything that you need to know about mowing the lawn can be found here in one place. That was the purpose of this article to create an educational page about grass and what is the best way to maintain it. Many people have been experiencing difficulties with their lawn and mostly because they don’t know the right way to treat the grass. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out and teach you the right way to do it


About lawnmowing, you need to know that it has to be taken seriously because if you are not maintaining it regularly it won’t be as beautiful as you might want. There are certain tricks and tips to maintaining your lawn, luckily for you, we will share here with you everything that we know. With this knowledge, hopefully, you won’t be needing to hire professionals anymore.

Mow Regularly

One of the first rules of lawnmowing is that you have to do it regularly in order to train the grass to grow thick and beautiful. If you have a patchy lawn, then the problem might be that you are not mowing it regularly. Regularly mowing means at least once per week. In order to get the best results, you should always put the mower on high not to cut the grass to low. If you cut it too low, then you can actually damage the grass.

Sharpen the Blade

The beginner mistake that you can do when mowing the lawn is not to sharpen the blade before using the mower. Surprisingly a lot of people are making this mistake without even realizing. We suggest that you always sharpen the blade before you start up your mower. If you start mowing with a dull blade, it won’t cut the grass, it will just tear it apart and that is not good for the grass.