Mirrored furniture has been a massive hit in the last couple of years, and many homeowners have been experiencing with it. A mirrored piece can completely transform your entire space; it will become brighter and spacious. Do you know where to shop mirrored furniture? Do you know what style to choose and how to place it into your living space?

If you set it up correctly, it can double the size of your home, and it’s especially useful if you are dealing with small space. This is why we have come up with a couple of tips on how to decorate with reflective furniture.

Strat with your bedroom

Considering bedroom is your sanctuary and a place you find peace, you should be careful with mirrored furniture. Even though it can brighten the space, it can also make it chaotic. You can place a mirrored nightstand on each side of your bed to brighten and lift the corners of your room.

The reflective surface will catch the first rays of the sun and spread it throughout the room. On the other hand, during the night, the shiny surface will capture the soft glow of the moon, or bedside lamp, and create a romantic atmosphere.

Enlarge your dining room

Are you aware of the phrase it’s all smoke and mirrors? Well, in this case, it’s more than just magic tricks. You can double your dining space by adding a mirrored buffer sideboard. You should know that mirrored furniture tricks the eye into viewing a room large than its actual size.

You can place your mirrored buffet table next to a beautiful rug, and the reflection will add double the optical layers as the colors and patterns repeat in the mirror. You can also pair the carpet with a mirrored coffee table in the living room.

Build two spaces with a mirrored floor screen

Do you have a room in your home or an apartment that you want to split in two? Do you have space in your house where you both work and rest? In this case, a mirrored screen in an excellent piece that will offer you dual function. In this case, you won’t have a feeling like you are cutting the place in half.

This is one of the easiest ways to divide the space and mirror will help you open up space, and it won’t feel too crowded.

Create a wow moment

Mirrored furniture has a couple of practical purposes, but you shouldn’t neglect the drama and wow factor it design will bring to your space. If you have a room that doesn’t feel right, then mirrored furniture has a transformational quality your space needs.

You should also pay attention to details, such as accessories. Sometimes mirrored furniture can be out of your reach, mainly because of the price. In this case, small accessories, such as mirrors can enrich your room and provide it with elegance, glamour, and trendiness.