If you clean your house on your own, it must have been a situation when you could not clean your carpet how you wanted. A vacuum that you have is a good one, but not good enough to clean the carpet thoroughly. Of course, hoover power scrub elite pet carpet cleaner will clean every single pet’s hair and particle of the dust in your carpet and it might be your primary choice. Apart from this model, we are presenting you a few other models that will do the work great and make your carpet as clean as a whistle. Each model is good and provides the fantastic performance, though some offer some features that some people might look for and therefore make them ideal for the carpet cleaning.

Shark APEX Upright Vacuum Cleaner

If you are looking for power, flexibility and reliability, look no further! The easy fingertip controls allow you to perform change of settings conveniently, so you could apply the settings according to the surface and dirt you are cleaning. The brush roll cleans itself easily without the need to do it yourself manually.


Shark APEX Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner gives you the settings for cleaning the deeper types of carpets while HEPA filters ensure that you remove all the allergens and unpleasant odors. The best part is that this model can quickly become a hand-held cleaner so you could clean corners, stairs and other places that is a bit harder to clean and reach.

Miele Complete C3 Main

This model is a bit sturdier and heavier than the previous one, as it comes with the canister storage. The super-powerful motor easily sucks in the pet’s hair with a couple of movements, making it ideal for thick carpets that are full of hair.

The model comes with the multiple brush hairs meaning you can clean the deep carpets that also have thick layer of fabric hair. Also, HEPA filter collects and stores all the dust particles safely. The only downside of this model is when you need to vacuum at the angle of 90 degrees, when the clogging often happens. Still, apart from that, it is a flawless cleaner you should have.

Kenmore 31150 – The Best Cleaner For People That Have Allergy Problems

When it comes to cleaning of carpets that are often full of hairs from your cats or dogs, you should go for this model. It is allergy-friendly, and effectively cleans all the dust and stores it in the disposal bag that you can easily change.

Kenmore 31150

Ultimate Kenmore 31150

The cleaner features HEPA filter that removes almost 100% of dust particles and releases the fresh air, so it is the best choice for people who are having problems with allergies. In addition, you have the LED light that detects the dust on your carpet and notifies you that you should give another clean to the area. Some people may find this cleaner a bit louder than the other ones, but is because of the powerful motor that provides strong suction and the release of the fresh air.