Trees can become a serious problem for your property in case these are close to your house, and especially when they become huge and need some trimming. Of course, calling a professional service like Tree Lopping Toowoomba is always a good choice if you are not skilled enough for this work, but you can always perform some basic tips to keep the trees in good shape. The maintenance does not have to be very hard if you know how to trim these using the appropriate techniques. But first of all, why do we need to trim?

Aesthetics, safety, and health

The three main reasons are look, the safety and overall health of trees. When you trim it correctly, you will give them a good shape and nice appearance so the overall look of trees will be cool and appealing. The next thing is safety. If you do not trim, over the time the rotten or broken trees might fall of and hit someone, so it is a bit of safety hazard.


Best way to trim tree

In case the branches are really close to the electric lines, be careful with cutting as one wrong step might cause serious trouble and even death. The last thing is the health of trees. When you cut properly, they will grow evenly and will provide enough airflow, which will be good for the trees. At the same time, you will promote healthy growth.

The tip no.1 – trim during the off-season

The best time to cut your trees is during the off-season. It means that the perfect time is during the late fall and early winter. This means they will start growing in the spring and will continue with the normal biological functions.

Avoid trimming during summer or late spring as this will slow down the overall growth.

The tip no.2 – Trim only weak branches

Never but never trim healthy branches! Not only you slow down the growth but you also unnecessary remove the branches that are healthy but also that collect the sunlight through the healthy leaves and produce the oxygen. Remove rotten and broken ones that might fall off, as these are not needed and can only cause problems regarding the safety.

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Trim only weak branches

The ones that have V shape and narrow angles should be removed to stimulate the growth and promotion of healthy branches. A lot of people neglect this and remove those that are healthy because they are long. Instead, if they are long too much, you can cut them at the middle.

The tip no.3 – Consider the size of a branch and its position

When cutting, take into consideration the length and size of a branch. Many people think that all branches should be trimmed, but in reality, you need to do this only to branches that are less than 10 cm in diameter, as these are considered to be young ones and will grow out quickly. Not that you should cut down those that have bigger diameter than 10 cm, but rather consider its position. If it is near your house or roof, then you should do it.