As kitchen is maybe the most important room in your house, you surely want it to be space and well-designed. Today, we have a lot of styles and designs that can transform your kitchen into a Jamie Oliver’s workplace in a second, as kitchen design and remodeling blog presentations offer you a lot of ideas and concepts. We have prepared a few concepts that might be cool for your kitchen, so feel free to review these. Each type is a separate design idea that is original and unique, and it is up to you to choose which combinations you are going to use.

Minimalistic design

Minimalistic design

For all those who don’t like the complexity, the minimalistic design is the best way to go with your kitchen. All-white kitchen, with the simple wooden stools and a nice cube table, are the perfect match to fill in the white minimalistic setting. This design is especially cool when you have a small kitchen that does not allow you to use too much space. Add a simple light bulb on the ceiling and you will enjoy in the white kitchen that is well-lit, simple and highly functional. You can even buy unique bulbs that will add more customization into the whole matter.

Use patterns

Though some people are not fans of patterned floors, walls or furniture, it can be very refreshing and interesting. The combination of the patterned floor that has blue flowers, with the blue cabinets gives you the feeling that you are in some classy kitchen. It gives a nice calm and sweet flavor to the design – just don’t forget to match the color of patterns with the cabinets and other furniture.

The healthy herbs

Yes, you will need herbs anyway for your food, so why not start growing some in your kitchen? Of course, you will need to have a slightly bigger kitchen to have enough space to plant your herbs. A kitchen grow-room is totally new design made by Matthew Quinn who invented this concept. For all who like to have a fresh bulk of herbs, this is a must. It is simple to make and looks very appealing and interesting.

Don’t forget marble

This type of stone is lavish and it gives a note of sophistication to the whole design. It can be a bit expensive, but it is a fantastic material that incorporates the functionality and the design. It is hard to make, pricey but offers a great sense of sophisticated and distinguished home. Marble kitchen is something almost all women want in their house!


Add custom-made stools

Stools can be bought in ever home depot store, but why not make ones that are unique and distinguished? This gives an additional note of customization to your kitchen while it looks more appealing and individualized. You don’t need to invest a lot of money into these, but rather have an original idea. Use leather, since you can tap it with wood easily. Besides, the leather also refreshes the design and gives a bit of gentle feeling.