Purchasing quality and durable countertops is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen renovation and quite significant investment. Currently, one of the most popular options is quartz countertop due to its numerous advantages. Some quartz manufacturers are famous worldwide and people opt for ordering the desired model from overseas companies. Also, with emerging online shops, many search their desired countertops online. However, going straight to the local kitchen cabinet shop to ensure adequate purchase is still the best option. If you live close to the Washington DC metro area and looking for quality quartz countertops in North Virginia, Dulles Granite in Ashburn VA is probably the best place to go. Here you will find a wide assortment of quality products, but also kind and responsive customer service willing to guide you. Nevertheless, here are some main advice and tips on shopping quality quartz countertops you may find useful.

Careful with samples

Currently, there’s a wide range of offered materials for countertops at the market and all of them have numerous pros and cons. If you have already opted for quartz countertops, the premise is that you are aware of its traits. However, since quartz countertops come in various shades and design, you should consider samples carefully in order to match it with the overall design of your kitchen. If reviewing relatively small samples, you probably won’t get a reliable impression. Therefore, the best is to ask for sizable samples from the manufacturer and take one home to estimate and visualize directly.


Budget maneuvering

Although it is probably worth it in a long run, quartz countertop is a significant investment, thus prepare your budget precisely. However, there are some ways to save money without damaging the quality. Quartz is usually mixed with a certain percentage of resin. Consider the actual total size of the surface you want to cover and make a deal to use higher quality (and consequentially more expensive) sample at the prominent areas. Most manufacturers are willing to meet these requirements. Don’t be ashamed to ask for discount or sales, since it’s not so rare for manufacturers to offer lower prices on already expensive materials. Finally, always look for warranty. 

Leave measuring to the pros

Quartz is relatively flexible material, but flexible just in a way that it is less susceptible to cracking. Not flexible enough to cope for your mistakes made while measuring the actual surface to be covered. In order to avoid potential gaps and seams, let the technicians conduct the measuring and estimate the precise dimensions. Also, hire professionals to install the countertop, since quartz is sensitive to rough handling.

Choose reliable manufacturer

This is a significant investment that should last for decades. You certainly want it to be conducted properly. Therefore, search for reliable manufacturers in your region, ask for recommendations, customer reviews, reputation and licenses. As mentioned before, if North Virginia is your region, you’ll probably find that Dulles Granite in Ashburn VA meets all of the required criteria.